Breaking In

image162278907.jpgWelcome to NC! GA is DONE. So after the emotional high and excitement of the first day, I’m breaking in both my body and my gear. Feet and right knee worried me a bit the third day but they are feeling much stronger now. Slept “cowboy style” (out in the open) several nights because of the good weather. Full moon was amazing. Trek poles have been far and away the best investment, I can tell they are helping take a lot of pressure off the knees.Today we did 16.6 our biggest day yet.

Trail Magic has been abundant including ice cold sodas, granola bars, and candy for hikers at several road crossings. Simple things sure, but after hard miles of hiking it is a godsend. Alec, Stuart and I were adopted for two days by a family from VA whose daughter is starting a thru hike (parents hiked the first 4 days with her). They actually successfully thru hiked as a family a few years ago when their daughter and son were 11 and 8! Very nice folks and offered us a place to stay when we get to Roanoke VA.

Yesterday was our first town stop and we hitched into Hiawassee GA for resupply and town food – all you can eat buffet for lunch (fried chicken!) and Mexican for dinner. We stayed in a cheap motel, caught some college basketball on tv, and played presidents card game with the some Kiwi thru hikers. Marching on to the Smokies and stopping in Franklin NC where John Wyatts parents are going to host us for a night!


One Response to Breaking In

  1. tim says:

    when hiking avoid AC locals named phil

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