Yesterday morning I summited Mt. Katahdin, the highest point in Maine, completing my Appalachian Trail journey.

It was by far the steepest and rockiest climb of the trail but I felt like I was floating on air the whole way up. Five of us thru-hikers summitted together in a tandem train-like fashion and we practically ran up the 5 miles and 4000 feet of elevation change in under two hours. Adrenaline carried us to the top and the perfect weather allowed us to stay for a couple hours. Usually it’s too windy and cold to hang on top for very long.

I plan to post a more detailed reflection, but for now enjoy the photos!


15 Responses to Katahdin

  1. Jeff & Lois says:

    You did it!!! Right now I am crying happy tears for you. I can’t wait to read your reflections. You’re amazing!! Love ‘ya.

  2. Christy says:


  3. Dad says:

    Preston, here’s to you..and all of your fellow thru-hikers:

    “A toast to the Lassies, and a drink for the Lads,
    Remember the journey on the AT you had..
    Now raise up your glasses and empty the kegs..
    And hike back to DC, on what’s left of your

    Glad we could share the excitement of the final summit.


  4. Denny says:

    Congratulations! So how long did it take you?

  5. Nancy says:

    Wow!! Congratulations!! Well done!! Now what? I can’t wait to see you in person and hear more of your adventure. I am so proud of your accomplishment and determination to complete a dream. You are Mr. Perfect!!
    Love, Nancy

  6. Patty Harms says:

    Congratulations! Let me know if you swing through Chapel Hill to celebrate. :-)

  7. Brando says:

    You are the man, Preston, congrats!

  8. Tanner says:

    Congratulations, Preston – I’ll be first in line for the book.

  9. tim smith says:

    rock on my man. rock on.

  10. Paul C. says:

    Nice work, Preston! Amazing stuff. Can’t wait to hang.

  11. Michele says:


    I was with a group of hikers who heard you speak at the Lake of the Clouds hut, and since have been reading your accounts. What a great accomplishment and adventure!

  12. Larry & Dollie Bishop says:

    Congratulations, Preston!
    We met at the rangers station in SNP Waynesboro, Va. We were glad to give you a ride and get to know about your hike. We have since enjoyed keeping up with your journal. Thank you for sharing.
    Once again Congratulations and good luck.

  13. Andy Miller says:

    Add me to pre-publication list of people clammoring for your illustrated book. The DOC has been following your trek. When are you coming back to work?

  14. Field says:

    So how has reassimilation been? Miss the trail? ZPG is the way, mon. Don be fogettin dat. Marry late. Hab de chillen late. Hab yosef few chillen. Let me/LuLu know if’n you be commin east.
    De- whiskered?
    Best, Mon

  15. Hello Mitchell, I’m Oriano from Italy … pilgrim for ever. Congratulation for your goal and … buen camino for ever,

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