National Champions and Snow

image1664541197.jpgThis past weekend had perfect hiking weather, but I was not on the trail. I had to get off to watch the Final Four…Carolina was back in the running for our fifth national championship! And boy was it a good break! Carolina cruised to victory and I was pumped to watch it at home in Boone.

What awaited me when I returned to the trail? SNOW. And lots if it; waist high sometimes. Western NC got a huge snowstorm, especially in the higher elevations where I’ve been hiking. Trudging through it has been a challenge, especially after a nice break in Boone with all the comforts of home and family.

I have to give a shout out to my Mom for being such a wonderful host to me and my hungry hiker friends for three days. We had some amazing food including gourmet breakfasts, steaks, fresh veggies, homemade cake and cookies, and a trip to the Daniel Boone Inn. Thanks Mom!

Speaking of food we saw a pretty cool documentary in Boone called Food Fight on Sunday night. It analyzes the commercial food industry in America as well as the recent trend in local, organic farmers market trends. Google it!

I also have to give a big shout out to my hiking partner Stuart. After joining me on the trail for the past month, Stuart is heading to Chapel Hill for a job researching frogs or something biologically important like that. The main thing I know is that this job includes a paid trip to Costa Rica to collect different frog species. I’m sure he’ll find a way to fit in some surfing ;)

Stuart has been a great hiking partner, very knowledgable about Appalachia and its wildlife. He’s also a fast hiker and definitely helped push me in the early days as I was getting into shape on the trail. Stuart I’ll miss you – don’t have too much fun in Costa Rica!


8 Responses to National Champions and Snow

  1. Mom says:

    You are welcome – it was so much fun having you all here and watching the games together. Should have stayed one more day :-) to avoid all that snow! We all miss you (especially Lizzie) and hope to catch up again!
    Love you – MOM

  2. Pam says:

    I knew you wouldn’t miss Carolina’s big win! Stay safe in the snow, and hope to see you when you make your way up to VA!

  3. Jeff & Lois says:

    Hey Preston,
    Loved the post card from Hot Springs. Especially love keeping up with you on the trail. Thanks for posting as often as you can. Stay safe! Love, Lois & Jeff

  4. Paul C. says:

    It’s been fun to read your posts, Preston. Enjoy hiking through the rest of NC!

  5. Alan Dang says:

    Hey preston,

    just an fyi, I’m heading back to DC for work by the end of this month. good luck with virginia :-)

  6. Anne says:

    Hey Preston! Enjoying the blog- thanks for letting us hear about your trip!

  7. Jeff & Lois says:

    Hey Preston,
    Feeding carrots to ponies has to be so much better than hiking in the snow :-) Can’t wait to hear what’s next. Keep the blogs coming. I think you’ve got a best-seller in the making. Love, Lois

  8. Maria Barrientos says:


    The blogs are great! It’s great to hear about how your trip is going. Let us know when you’re close to Harper’s Ferry.

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