image1949280137.jpgOf course hiking the Appalachian Trail, one becomes fairly used to full exposure of the elements: sun, rain, and WIND! We set up camp last night on what I now realize is, a very exposed gap. Around an hour after Stuart and I fell asleep, we were awoken to one of the tarp pole crashing down and the front of the tarp flailing in our face. Fortunately we were able to tighten it up a bit, but it was still a very windy and loud night. As you can see, Stuart is still enjoying some sleep, but this exposure to the wind has me wide awake this morning. Lesson learned: look for better campsites without wind exposure.

On a more positive note, we finished Smoky Mtn National Park yesterday. It was stunning! Sunny and 50s every day. The higher elevations in the park present a very different forest full of spruce conifers and fern ground cover. In the park we climbed up to Clingmans Dome, the highest point of the A.T. Steady downhill from here on to Maine right? I wish ;)

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One Response to Exposure

  1. Mom says:

    Sorry about the bad night! lesson learned, tho. Glad you had sunny days – we have been having lots of rain here and I was afraid you’d have the same.
    Looking forward to your visit here! I’ll have the cookies ready!
    Love, MOM

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