image222285360.jpgI’m in Robbinsville NC tonight resupplying before the Smokies and catching the first round of the NCAA tournament.

This entry, I thought I would give everyone a little humor by introducing you to “Alec-isms”, or rather the hilarious actions of my hiking partner Alec (pictured to the side).

Despite how smart of a guy Alec is (already accepted to some prestigious law schools with scholarships), anything that he could possibly screw up on the trail, he does it. Hopefully he doesn’t mind a little laughter at his expense. I present to you, Alec-isms:

– Deciding his cook gear was too heavy, so he switched to an alcohol stove. Next night on the trail he realized he might need a pot to fully utilize a stove.

– Deciding to carry the fuel of his new stove, denatured alcohol, inside his pack. Of course it leaked and soaked everything in his pack. “Alec don’t get too close to the campfire!”

– Leaving his boots outside overnight in the pouring rain.

– Leaving all his resupply food on the garage floor at the Wyatts house, despite a warning about the dogs…mysteriously all the food had been rearranged and some items were missing in the morning.

– The Wyatt’s dogs didn’t seem to want their normal dog food dinner…oh wait ;)

– Also at the Wyatt’s after several rainy nights on the trail, he thought it might be a good idea to string up his tent outside to air dry, despite the looming rain clouds. In the morning, the tent strangely seemed wetter than the night before!

– Another rain experience, Alec didn’t realize his pack had fallen out of the tent’s rain-fly vestibule at night…completely soaked everything in his pack.

– Being “that guy” at the outfitter store who ALWAYS buys something…every town we’ve stopped in.

– Discovering things in his pack that he didn’t realize he possessed.

– And when not discovering new items in his pack, constantly losing everything else ;)

But despite the Alec-isms, he’s a great hiker, and more importantly a genuine person. I’m glad to have him with me until Maine.

Alec – Im sure we’ll get to add to this list.

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3 Responses to Alec-isms

  1. Mom says:

    Sooo….is Alec still speaking to you, Preston???
    Just so you know, we have been rec’ving your forwarded mail – I cashed your tax return and I’m flying to Hawaii for several days – thanks!! I’m sure I’ll be back in time to get you at Roan Mtn.

  2. Christy says:

    Hey I’m in on the hawaii trip!!

  3. tim says:

    that man sounds like a liability

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